The Program accepts candidates with a bachelor’s degree (B.A., B.F.A., B.Ed, B.Sc.) from accredited higher education institutions in Israel and abroad, with a minimum grade average of 80. Holders of a bachelor’s degree from a higher education institution whose instruction language is other than Hebrew must pass a Hebrew examination at a level commensurate with University requirements. 

Non-thesis track

In this track students complete a full course load (36 credit points) to become trained cultural critics. Students must write three seminary papers in the course of their studies. Graduation is subject to the successful completion of a final exam.

All courses are offered on a single weekday to allow fulfillment of course requirements in three semesters of full time study. The study program for both the thesis and non-thesis tracks includes the following clusters:


Cultural Studies - an Overview

Research Methodologies


Politics and Culture

Inter-Cultural Encounters